–algia now publishes books and pamphlets of poetry, writing & artbooks
We work a split model with 1/3 of income going to a fund nominated by the author, 1/3 to the author and 1/3 to —algia. 
There are no formal restrictions.
Previously published sections are allowed, but not the text in its entirety.
We produce simple small runs of books and would love to develop your idea with that in mind. 
For visual reference, they are available on our


We operate a rolling submission window.
Please submit your proposal, pamphlet, book or idea to tperson@algia.biz

2021: Parent.Worshipper.Carrion. by Stella Hervey Birrell - Imperative Utopia by Saskia MacCracken - Minimalist Sweetheart by Umang Kalra - Decalcomania by T. Person