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Toot toot! In this wily and tactile pamphlet, poetry is a substrate for the metalanguage of many (un)earthly materials: from dream chandelieria to irresistible latex, cobalt, wax and sapphire. Sonnets are dents and dinosaurs are back in fashion; fuck deep-time, Person’s is a deliciously thick, para-anthropocene lyric coming at you sideways and lively — kissing colossal where surface is surplus. As signifiers glom in tricksy shimmer, laconic Romance and hypnagogic logic, Decalcomania is a playful undersong of panic, desire, care, labour and the ‘Tragedy Common’. I stick to this, I stick to that. Let’s have a bump! — Maria Sledmere


T. Person
36p.p staple bound//recycled paper. profits going to  Poets Hardship Fund UK
released 10th Sept 2021
U.K Only price incl. P&P

—algia #5

Kirsten MacQuarrie, Cai Draper, Patrick Redmond & Phillip Thompson, Dylan Hussey, Natalie Cortez-Klossner, Mark Goodwin, Chakrika, Sophie Furlong Tighe, em/ilie kneifel, Bluey Little, Kashif Sharma-Patel, Peter J. King, Agata Maslowska, Asta Kinch & Mark Valentine.


Umang Kalra
32p.p staple bound//recycled paper
1/3 proceeds going to HAQ: Centre for Child’s rights
30th June


Imperative Utopia 

Saskia McCracken
with illustrations by Greg Thomas
28p.p staple bound // recycled paper
1/3 proceeds to World Land Trust


Parent. Worshipper. Carrion.

Stella Hervey Birrell
32p.p, staple-bound
£95 donated to www.mermaids.org.uk

        –algia #4 

Feb, 2021

£6 incl. P+P
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